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Hire a virtual Concierge
for your apartment.

Better network. Increase revenue. Grateful customers. Krakow, Poland & Manhattan, New York.

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Your apartment becomes a hotel.

The use of Porterfree translates into a clear improvement of the experience of the Guest, that can easily contact the host and purchase several services through a simple App.


A way to get more revenues from existing customers.

Recommend services and activities to your customers and earn commissions on the bookings and the reservations, after agreeing upon with the services providers.


Monitize services that you currently offer for free.

The suggestions, that you give to your customers regarding the local activities of your city, will lead to revenues that currently you are not earning.


Build and manage your customer relationships.

The Host becomes a real concierge always available to the customer, thanks to our software that offers a Live-Chat service.

Our Team

Salvatore Founder & CEO
Paweł software engineer
Krzysztof software engineer
Izabela software engineer
Przemek Creative Director
Ihab Advisor

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